Services | Mobile Development
AR Software has been building award-winning best mobile app experience for most reputable brands. Our app developer team collaborates with designers and product strategist to create scalable apps that grow with your needs. Following the formulae of research-based user-centric data with SEO analytics; we offer a seamless experience that would enrich the user experience. We perform thoughtful planning on product launches, including support throughout the entire product lifecycle. Developing mobile apps is a complex process, but the work doesn't stop even after launch. The apps need regular monitoring to correct functioning and performance for users to enjoy all of its benefits. AR Software provides almost every services and solution under a single roof.
Why Us?
For us “mobile” refers to the user, not the device. To stand out, you’re going to need outstanding expertise and serious strategic direction. We’ll pool tough code and smooth design for a superior user experience. AR Software takes pride in building optimal app development to a whole new level by coordinating with our clients. We have years of experience in mobile app development, helping our clients to monitor app statistics, study users behavior and collect necessary data to improve app performance. We focus entirely on top-notch service, testing apps based on different metrics to understand apps performance. We create numerous metrics that causes the highest impact on an app's performance to create an action plan. Metrics like high traffic hours, average visit time, ratings and reviews, downloads, performance failures and its behavior's with other software etc. We build, test, deploy our apps and structure the apps to be futuristic and flexible when clients decide to add new features. Apps are a competitive landscape and not knowing the pattern that makes your app stand out amongst others would hamper your route to success. We create apps and designs that are researched and are in trends with latest tech and feasibility. We ensure user friendly feedback while taking a human first philosophy towards creating a brand in app development.
iOS Development
We take utmost pride in designing as well as coding with swift, sticking with Apple's standards. Our Swift developers are fitted out to build the most complex Apple's applications by not compromising with the polished, smooth end product and the user friendly nature of it. We thrive to have perfection implementing the designs and our developers work together to build an app that not only changes the interference but general way of how we look at Apps.
Android Development
With so many Android devices in the world, it important to test the android app with multiple devices with different operating systems to ensure the users experience a consistent friendliness and standards. Our Android developers work on guiding the app to fulfill high end product standards following the Google-led design guidelines and principles. Experience app pleasure like never before with us.