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Best apps are a product of proven and effective application development process. We'll briefly describe each phase of our application development process for you to understand how we work.
Outline and Analyze the Requirement
In this phase of the process, our software developers assisted with designers design the application approved on the project requirement. We work on the development and the validation of the prototype and its user interface to test the model cases. After the completion of the design, the application will then be endorsed contrary to the customer's specifications. To end with, the outlook of the project and an assessment would be constituted. If any revision necessary, it's made at this phase.
Designing the Application
We initiate the process by acquiring information about your objectives, your cost estimate and your vision. With your participation in every phase of the process, we conduct detailed research on analyzing the market and the competitors as well as interviewing the end-users. After securing and being well-equipped with information we'll create a project plan and generate a case model.
Developing the Application
In this phase, our developers create codes based on the finalized design. Various test cases are deployed for the final approval. The integration, the quality test and the debugging of the application are conducted. End-users or customer's consent test and feedback are studies and reviewed. The Back end/ Front end and the APIs are configured. We then forward to the next phase when every detail is met.
Testing and Integrating the Application
This phase often overlaps with the developing phase. Our team in this penultimate phase oversee test that administers the applications performance, functionality, connection response and many other metrics. In case of any malfunctions or technical issues, the developers detect and solve the defects. When every bugs and metrics are fixed and tested the app is sent for the final approval to the project manager who wraps up the app for launch.
Launching & Supporting the Application
In this final phase, we deploy the application as per the worked-out plan and guidelines. When the app is live and users begin to interact, issues may arise or you may want to add new features, so, to counteract with these issues we'll assign a maintenance team to help you build and accompany the app in the long run.

We have the vision to create a platform that contemplates like a trader so that clients can emphasis on the market rather than their software platform. We are an inspired professional dedicated to helping you reach your goals; we listen to your needs and pave your path to success. With our vast experience in this field, we help you improve your system, develop new products and automate your business processes using US-based developers working with the latest technology and development process.

The project management would be handled by assigning a skilled Project manager to do the basic or to oversee every development phase and building process. The manager excels to monitor activities, design and execute the plan and communicate details with the clients to either revise or resolve any ideas for its betterment.

Confidentiality is our key concern; we have non-negotiable practice and zero tolerance standards in place. We enter into the project by signing a Non-disclosure agreement with the clients and also the staffs when they join our company.

With our team of certified Scrum resources, we develop software application with an agile framework to design, develop and ensure rapid development. We follow our set plans and guidelines which have constantly helped us achieve our set targets and surge our competence.

Our development center is located in Charlotte, NC, USA.

You can contact us via mail or can call us at +18014133775